The Ebico Trust

Financial surpluses from Ebico Living are donated to the Ebico Trust, a registered charity set up in 2008.

The Trust believes that for the UK to achieve its transition to a net zero carbon economy, sustainable living must be affordable to all households – and not just be a lifestyle choice for the better-off. Key to delivering its affordability is innovation. To encourage innovation, and so promote sustainable living for all, we nurture, encourage and support entrepreneurs with new product ideas and service concepts which will make Net Zero choices affordable for lower income families.

Our current and past innovation support projects can be reviewed via the links below, but we’re always looking for new ideas to support innovators in household sustainability so, if you’ve got an idea for a project or collaboration, get in touch

By 2023, the Ebico Trust had delivered funding commitments of over £2 Million. It is registered with the Charity Commission (number 1127587) and operates throughout England, Scotland and Wales supporting the campaign for an effective and fair transition to a Net Zero Carbon Britain.


The people behind the Ebico Trust and its mission help fight against fuel poverty

Ebico Trust Funded Initiatives

Details of the Ebico Trust’s projects to make sustainable warmth affordable for low income households

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About Ebico

As the UK’s first not-for-profit energy provider, our mission, at Ebico Living, is to make sustainable home warmth affordable for all.

  • Innovation in energy saving
  • Fairer energy pricing
  • Sustainable home warmth